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iWait. is an abstinence-based education program dedicated to encouraging healthy living by choosing abstinence until marriage. iWait. offers Choosing the Best curriculum for middle school students and WAIT Training curriculum for high school students. iWait. Club is a leadership/mentoring organization for high school students committed to choosing abstinence until marriage. iParent. is a tool for parents, educators, and leaders to gain insight into the teen brain and the world of teenagers while encouraging abstinence until marriage.

What is abstinence?

Abstinence is refraining from all sexual activity. Sexual activity means sex as well as other actions intended to result in sexual arousal or gratification.

Abstinence is the healthiest behavior for unmarried individuals.


iWait iCan. iChoose. iWill

MythMy 13 year-old son is more interested in his X-Box than girls. He’s just not ready for the “talk”, yet.

FactIf your child has access to the internet, TV or music he or she is being bombarded with sexual images and innuendos every day. Kids will get a sex education. Shouldn’t it be from you?

MythCondoms will protect me against contracting an STI.

FactFact: Condom breakage and slippage is estimated to occur 1-4% of the time.[1-4] This is known as method failure. ( However, the major factor affecting "condom effectiveness" is not method failure, over which the user has no control, but user failure -- the incorrect and inconsistent use of condoms during sexual acts.

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Grill and Games

Grill and Games
July 2nd
July 16th

Clearwater Beach

Islands of Adventure with Impact

Clearwater Beach
Islands of Adventure with Impact
July 30th
August 6th