Daniel Mark Harrison is a Motivated Entrepreneur and Writer

Daniel Mark Harrison is a celebrated businessman who has enjoyed a successful, rewarding, and happy career so far. He’s more than just an acclaimed entrepreneur as well. That’s because he’s also a hard-working media aficionado and author. Harrison has fine writing skills. He also has a knowledge of the media and its inner workings that’s unsurpassed. He works as Daniel Mark Harrison Co.‘s CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman. Daniel Mark Harrison Co. is a family organization that runs out of numerous Asian locations. These are Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore. Harrison is proudly at the helm of the company. He works to handle of his family’s available assets.

Harrison has a lot on his plate working for his family empire, but that doesn’t stop him from putting his time into other efforts. He works for Monkey Capital as a managing partner. Monkey Capital is a funding agency that’s associated with Blockchain.This professional likes to write whenever he gets the opportunity. He penned a book that’s called “Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World.” This was his very first release. It’s a blend of authentic journalism and fictional elements. “Butterflies” delves into millennial viewpoints that pertain to many diverse topics. This makes a fine book choice for people who want to learn about how young people these days think. Many people who work in the media reacted well to Harrison’s work. Azeem Khan works for the Huffington Post as a critic who specializes in cultural matters. He discussed his admiration for Harrison’s desire to promote open dialogue within the literature world. Khan used to work as the CEO of a startup company.

Harrison has had mentions in many well-known publications. The Wall Street Journal has talked about him. Other publications that have discussed him are The Daily Dot, Forbes and The Street.

Harrison continues to write on a regular basis. It’s a passion that he likes to nurture frequently. He’s a CoinSpeaker writer who has made big waves. He’s been in charge of many stories that have had significant impacts on the community that surrounds him.

Elysium Health Continues to Work on Ant-Aging Supplement

When Elysium Health advertises their products they list all the ingredients and have them tested for safety. One of the first products they made is called Basis. It boost NAD a protein found in cells. Tests performed on mice indicate that boosting the NAD levels may prevent adults from aging.

NAD proteins communicate with everything in the cell and when we age these levels fall. The company is recruiting volunteers to test this product. Guarante and his research group have studied these proteins a long time. They decided on two naturally occurring compounds that can help produce NAD.

These two compounds come from almonds,grape leaves, blueberries and yeast containing foods. They are easily absorbed by the body and are safe. When they test people they will look for higher NAD levels in the blood in those taking BASIS. They launched the supplement in 2015. It has hundreds of users.

When they finally ran the trail tests on humans for BASIS they found that their supplement increased NAD in the blood in those that took the supplement by 40%. Their clinical trails ran a placebo controlled test , randomized, and double blind study.

One of the reasons they decided to package and develop this product known as a nutraceuticals is because it does not require testing by the FDA. Guarante says that it would take years of testing to prove that it worked. The company plans to followup with clients over time to see how well the supplement works.

They plan to follow strict guidelines when they manufacture the product and makes supplements available through the website. NAD replacement is one of the most exciting innovations in aging at this time. The company plans will add other compounds over time to the product that has shown in their lab to help with anti-aging.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water: Ensuring Sustainability

As from next year, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will begin using fully degradable bottles. This will reduce the packaging’s lifespan by 98 percent. According to the brand, scientists are now approaching the concept of packaging from an entirely different angle by creating technology with the potential of transforming the worldwide CPG industry. The bottle is 100 percent recyclable.

Waiakea will be the first company to use TimePlast, the only patented additive used in nano-degradation of plastic. This technology had not been invented because most of the scientific research on polymers majorly focused on making plastic better and stronger, and not weaker. Additionally, most of the conventional ‘sustainable’ approaches to handling plastic pollution are always aimed at making the plastic degradable. Instead of subscribing to these notions, Waiakea doesn’t rely on nature to degrade plastic. Instead, they degrade it chemically at the manufacturing stage to accelerate the process of nature.

Waiakea is a water brand from Hawaii. The company uses natural volcanic power to manufacture incredible water bottles. Other than the fast bottling process and additional natural minerals, the company focuses on solid water and happy customers. Their operations are not limited to Hawaii or the U.S. alone, but distribute their products to suppliers from other countries craving for a taste of the high-quality water.

Founded in 2012, the company produces bottled water through sustainable, unique processes that enhance positive effect on the world and its inhabitants. Ryan Emmons, the company’s founder, derived inspiration from the Hawaiian culture. The community’s incumbent values emphasize on the environment and the people rather than wealth accumulation alone.

Alongside the socially conscious and eco-friendly foundation, efforts the corporation contributes to a number of charities, putting more emphasis on the spirit of positivity. For instance, through its partnership with Pump Aid, the company donates 650 liters of clean water in areas of need for every liter they sell.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Solutions to Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a certified clinician and a professional dentist who had a vision about possibilities in medicine field being turned into reality through dentistry. His vision and focus being dentistry could be used for other clinical practices other than teeth procedures. His passion which became his primary mission was to help patients with sleep apnea. He interacted with a patient who was suffering from deprivation disorder and this strengthened will and desire to provide a lasting remedy.

He was dedicated and an achiever in anything he set out to do. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology at Rutgers University. Dr. Avi also attended New York University to pursue a doctorate in dental surgery credential which he received. He acquired all necessary skills and certification after which he started his dental practice: Old Bridge Dental Care that won the best dentist awards in two consecutive years. Avi has spent more than two decades in medical practice.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started helping patients suffering from sleep disorder where he faced a lot of challenges, which resulted to being negated by other physicians performing sleep tests. His dream was to provide a comprehensive solution to his patients which required a new strategy to achieve his research more efficiently. He founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep where his medical plans started taking shape in 2012.

The platform was a common ground where experienced dentists and sleep experts could come for free and share their point of views and expertise on sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel also uses the platform to communicate with stakeholders through lectures and methods in sleep dentistry. He invested his approaches and plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s program.

The program was to tailor sleep appliances designed to relieve the patients. It was precisely meant to provide orally applied therapy to patients. Avi developed the program in a way that it could offer sleep disorders treatments. He sets the sky as his limit, and he is always keen on taking any opportunity to learn and improve himself and his clinical practices. He says oral application supports jaws if the patients are sleeping.

Louis Chenevert’s Lasting Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman, spent 14 years of his career as the General Manager at General Motors’ St. Therese operation and later served as CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert, a French-Canadian citizen, holds a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from the University de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales (HEC)

Chenevert’s Work History

Chenevert worked at General Motors for over a decade before joining Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary business unit of UTC. In 1999, Chenevert, having worked for six years at Pratt & Whitney, got elected as the president of the whole Pratt & Whitney division. Seven years later, Chenevert got elected as the CEO and president of UTC in April 2008.

Chenevert’s Achievements at UTC

In just a year, Chenevert managed to achieve more than what corporate executives achieve in their entire career. He was a successful leader of the conglomerate and worth $100 billion. Chenevert focused on acquiring Goodrich worth $18.4 billion.

Chenevert advocated for investing in advanced technology and people. His mission was to change UTC to a better place than he found it. Any person regardless of his/her position in a company needs to employ his mission. Chenevert insisted that a company that invests in the right technology will go far, and a company that invests in the right people will go even further.
Chenevert’s leadership at UTC focused on projects that meant to improve the company’s vision and encourage people to work to make those projects a success. Through the Employee Scholar Programme, employees were sponsored for further education that saw over 40, 000 UTC employees awarded degrees.

Chenevert is honored for assisting UTC’s Pratt & Whitney win a lobby to manufacture a “second alternate engine” for the US Air Force and become the only supplier of the F-35 engine.

Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert, UTC’s Sikorsky dominated the market as the for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

French-Canadian born Chenevert’s career at UTC saw tremendous growth in both advanced technology and qualified staff sponsored for higher education. Chenevert’s mission was to leave UTC a better place than he found it. He made significant achievements in acquiring companies and winning lobbies that saw his earnings increase steadily, and these positive effects are still apparent even three years following his resignation.

Norman Pattiz Announces New Podcast App

Millions of people eagerly awaited the new PodcastOne App. The new app, recently released, promises to offer several new social functions and added features. Every new feature was designed to immerse the listener in the world of their favorite podcast show. The app is available for free on the company’s website and in app stores.

There’s a new feature for every type of listener. The biggest feature is the virtual reality videos that some podcasts will have. Other shows offer exclusive articles and photos of intriguing subjects. Also, listeners can communicate with each other via personal messages.

The one feature that has everyone excited is virtual reality. Virtual reality’s never been used on podcast shows before. PodcastOne partnered with Mandt VR to ensure that every show using virtual reality gets the highest-quality VR. Currently, there are over 1,000 virtual reality videos in the PodcastOne library.

The moment the companies worked their partnership out, Mandt VR rushed over to major PodcastOne studios. Not every studio has VR equipment, but most of them do. Some podcasts even have mobile VR equipment so that hosts can film VR footage in exotic and amazing locales.

An amazing behind-the-scenes fact is how honored Neil Mandt was to work with Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne. Anyone in the media industry knows how Norman Pattiz is; he’s a legend. Getting to see Pattiz figure out a way to introduce innovative features to such a basic platform was amazing. Mandt also respects Pattiz’s embrace of new technology.

Pattiz’s done a lot more with PodcastOne than just introduce virtual reality. Back when podcasts were fairly new, his company conducted a study to determine the viability of advertising on the podcast platform. The results were promising, leading Pattiz to create the first advertising-based business model for his podcast network. Learn more: http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2015/aug/16/radio-turns-ear-demand/

PodcastOne is the most popular of all his companies. It has the most celebrity-hosted shows. Last year, Forbes recognized Pattiz for his “celebrity-infused greatest hits”. The entire article about Pattiz is four pages long and covers everything from his first job to his role at PodcastOne.

Another hugely successful company that Pattiz founded is Westwood One. Westwood One provides entertainment, talk, sports, and news shows to radio stations all over the country (http://normanpattiz.com/). He worked with some of the biggest names in media, including celebrities.


The DeVos Astonishing Charity Projects

Dick and Betsy have earned a lot of attention for their generous contributions, which accumulates to $139 million. In 2015, the West Michigan couple donated $11.6 million. This couple is highly respected because it has played a significant role in Republican politics for a long time. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of the deceased Holland industrialist Edgar Prince. Her family has donated $5.2 billion to charity projects.


In 2015, Both Dick and Betsy contributed over three million dollars to education courses. They awarded $357,000 to groups that support education improvement. The donation demonstrates how the couple prioritizes education. Two years ago, Dick and Betsy education donations benefited Michigan schools. Schools that benefited include Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland, Potter’s House in Wyoming, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Rehoboth Christian School.


DeVos has been working very hard to come up with a better system to help talented educators to be efficient and effective in reaching every child. The DeVos supports areas of high level of difficulty, accountability and adult support and supervision. DeVos launched West Michigan Aviation Academy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. They were the patrons and donated the school’s first plane. The couple later turned the aviation school annual fundraiser into a gala where they invited the former president George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts.


West Michigan Aviation Academy graduated fifteen licensed pilots last year. The school focuses on aeronautical engineering and robotics. One-third of its students are economically disadvantaged. The students do well in their tests which result in the satisfaction of their families.


The couple also focuses in Arts and Culture. They donated over $2.4 million in 2015 at a charity event. Dick and Betsy launched DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. They supported Michael Kaiser to strengthen his art organization. Michael started his side business when he was the president of the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. This was because they wanted a future with high-quality arts management.


Dick DeVos, the oldest son of Richard DeVos, is the co-founder of the Amway Corporations. The company is a networking company that distributes health, household and personal care products. DeVos ventured into new business, the Windquest Group. This company manufactured and marketed storage and closet controllers. He was later appointed by his father to be the manager of the National Basket Association Orlando Magic Basketball franchise. Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince. Dick and Elizabeth have four children namely; Rick, Elissa, Andrea, and Ryan. Betsy is the designated U.S Education Secretary.


Karl Heideck Outlines The Lawsuit Filed By The City Of Philadelphia Against Wells Fargo

Recently, Karl Heideck talked about the lawsuit filed by the City of Philadelphia against Wells Fargo. News reports indicate that the City of Philadelphia alleges that Wells Fargo dishonored the Fair Housing Act of 1968. According to the lawsuit, the bank has been using predatory lending practices targeting minority mortgage borrowers. Wells Fargo denies the allegations noting that its practices are fair. Additionally, it argues that the claims contained in the lawsuit are unsubstantiated. The City of Philadelphia filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The lawsuit is the latest in a chain of problems for the bank that is still recovering from last year’s scandal involving its bankers opening phony accounts in the names of customers.

The city claims that Wells Fargo pushed Hispanic and Black borrowers to obtain riskier loans having higher interest rates irrespective of being qualified for credit for lower-risk mortgages. Moreover, the city alleges that Wells Fargo made it hard for the Black and Hispanic borrowers to refinance their mortgages resulting in a high number of foreclosures compared to white borrowers. The City of Philadelphia investigated the claims a year prior to filing the lawsuit. They analyzed data from loans made by Wells Fargo for a period of ten years. The city’s lawsuit came two weeks after the Supreme Court of the United States made a decision that Miami could sue Wells Fargo and Bank of America under the Fair Housing Act. Justice Stephen Breyer posited that if cities can prove the existence of a direct causal link subsisting between voracious lending practices and the damages thereof, they can sue financial institutions under the Fair Housing Act.

About Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck is a respected contract attorney. Since April 2015, he has been listed by Hire Counsel. Previously, Heideck practiced across the Greater Philadelphia area for over a decade. Heideck practiced as a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP. He also held an associate role at Conrad O’Brien. During this period, Karl Heideck gained extensive experience in filing and responding to complaints, as he specialized on the area of general law.

Karl Heideck is an alumnus of Swarthmore College where he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2003. Subsequently, he joined Temple University’s James E. Beasley School of Law where he graduated with a Juris Doctor in 2009. His services range from risk management advisement, compliance consulting, to commercial litigation.

A Look at the Life of Bruno Jorge Fagali: A Scholar and Entrepreneur

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney knowledgeable in the fields of ethics, compliance, and administrative, regulatory, and civic law. Jorge Fagali is a former scholar of the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo. He has a master’s degree in law from Sao Paulo University, which he acquired recently. Jorge Fagali is currently majoring in compliance at Getulio Vargas Foundation while running his business in Sao Paulo.

Jorge Fagali’s work experience

Jorge Fagali is a renowned scholar. In 2016, he completed a course in Legal Ethics Compliance. He has worked for two major law firms in Brazil, and this has contributed to his immense knowledge of the law. Jorge Fagali initiated his career at Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano, & Renault Associate Lawyers where he as an intern. Upon completion of his internship, Jorge Fagali became a full-time lawyer at Radi, Calil, and Associados.

During his tenure at this firm, he also served as a corporate integrity manager to an advertising company in Brazil. In 2016, Jorge Fagali founded Fagali Advocacy where he serves as the president. This business is among the fastest growing law firms in Brazil. Fagali Advocacy provides services on matters pertaining to anti-corruption, election, compliance, and public law. Jorge Fagali is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and an associate of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Jorge Fagali is described by many as professional with immense knowledge on various legal issues.

Nathaniel Ru Attracts Bountiful Customers

Nathaniel Ru has proven that he knows what it takes to build a successful restaurant chain. He was definitely against the odds when he created Sweetgreen because this is a healthy food restaurant that breaks away from the chains of the traditional restaurant structure. People will be pleased with the type of restaurant environment that he has created, but there is definitely a lot of change that he has created that has never been witnessed before. With Sweetgreen Nathaniel Ru has shown a lot of eaters that healthy food can be fun.


He has really gone out of his way to help people see the light when it comes to better food choices. The menu that he presents from one city to another is different, and much of this depends on the role of the farmer in a particular city. This has actually become something that is buzz-worthy when it comes to talk about Sweetgreen and the way that this healthy food menu is changing lives.


People that go to other cities where there is a Sweetgreen restaurant that they have not visited will instantly become excited about the possibilities for trying something new. This is something that works to the advantage of Nathaniel Ru and his crew that have been going from different states on the East Coast to the North and West Coast to help people eat healthier.


Sweetgreen is taking off as it expands through different cities, and people will find that the large majority of these restaurants are in New York. This is a breeding ground for innovation, and Sweetgreen is among one of the most innovative fast food establishments in play right now. People can definitely see how New York would be one of the most popular locations for Sweetgreen. Nathaniel Ru is definitely using the large metropolitan cities as the foundation for helping him establish more social media buzz. When people that visit New York as tourists come and enjoy this restaurant they are bound to go back to their home cities and rave about this healthy food option that is still a novelty in many areas. People that do not have it in the state where they live will be thrilled when an opportunity arises for a new Sweetgreen location in their area. This is what Nathaniel is doing at the moment. He is prepping people for future Sweetgreen possibilities for new restaurants.