National Steel Car: Canadas Greatest Asset

Gregory James Aziz is the chairman, president and CEO of the National Steel Car, a company which specializes in the production of rolling stocks, commonly known as train cars. Gregory J Aziz invested a lot in the company that he purchased from Dofasco, and since 1994, the National Steel Car experienced exponential growth. The company was recognized as one of the most profitable companies in Canada, and they managed to export their products overseas, catering to rail transport companies who are looking for quality made rolling stocks. The National Steel Car has been operating for more than 100 years, and they keep on breaking expectations and becoming a company of excellence. Visit This Page for more information.


Established in 1912, the National Steel Car was transferred from one owner to another. Gregory James Aziz had the chance to purchase the company in 1994 when the industry faced serious crises, sending their market crashing down. Dofasco has seen the National Steel Car as a liability, and to prevent more loses, they sold it to Gregory James Aziz who was then a professional working for the finance industry. He immediately took over after acquiring the company, but let the employees hired by Dofasco to stay because James Aziz believed in their talents and skills. There were around 600 employees that were turned over under his leadership, but Gregory James Aziz employed more people, making the total number of National Steel Car employees to more than 3,000.

Because of the rise of employees working for the rolling stock manufacturing firm, the number of rolling stocks that the National Steel Car produces annually also climbed up. They managed to increase the annual production from 3,500 rolling stocks to more than 12,500 rolling stocks. Even if the number of rolling stocks produced went up, Gregory James Aziz is making sure that the quality is not affected. Aziz supervises every department inside the company making sure that all of the employees are following the rules and regulations. The National Steel Car was awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, because of the high-quality products that they create. Gregory James Aziz was also a recipient of several awards and recognitions by other award giving bodies, recognizing his efforts in making the National Steel Car as one of the most competitive companies in Canada.


Gregory Aziz Is An Outstanding CEO Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario, London in 1949. Since 1994, Gregory Aziz is the Chairman, and President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. This is a leading engineering as well as manufacturing company in the world that makes railroad freight cars.

Gregory J Aziz is a family person. His wife is Irene. Both of them support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is organized in Canada.


He did not join National Steel Car immediately after completing his education. In 1971, Greg Aziz joined his family company. This was the import of wholesale foodstuff and was called the Affiliated Foods. Greg managed to grow his family company in a big way over 16 years. It turned into an importer of foods worldwide under his leadership. They were importing mainly from Central as well as South America besides Europe. The company was distributing to the fresh food resellers based in Eastern Canada along with the United States. See:

Then James Aziz moved to New York in the 1980s and worked there till 1990s in several banking opportunities. In 1994 he aided in the purchase of National Steel Car from its owner, Dofasco. His main aim for buying this company was to transform it and make it a leading engineering and manufacturing company in North America. Within five years of its purchase, the company’s manufacturing aptitude enhanced from 3500 to 12,000 railroad freight cars each year. This feat was achieved with an emphasis on capital as well as human resource investment, besides building on its engineering capabilities along with team-building events. There was also a great improvement in providing employment opportunities from 1994 to the year 1999. It became 3,000 employees from 600 initially. National Steel Car has been outstanding in new cars innovation. This is due to its expertise in manufacturing as well as engineering sector. This company has been manufacturing thousands of Railroad Freight Cars each year. Get More Information Here.


Currently, National Steel Car is ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is manufacturing railroad freight cars in North America. This company has gone through several recertification rounds and managed to retain this certification for the past 18 years. This has made it a leader in this industry. Thanks to Mr. Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to receive the TTX SECO award too. This is a quality award. This is a company that has over 100 years of excellence in engineering as well as manufacturing fields.

U.S. Money Reserve Raised Over $100,000 For Hurricane Harvey Victims

On August 25, 2017 the world watched as Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the city of Houston. In six days the storm made landfall three different times and each time it brought with it more rain and more devastation.


After all was said and done thousands of families had lost their homes and were forced to seek safety at various make shift shelters.


And while it was heart wrenching to see so many people lose everything they had, it was also heart warming to see so many people step up to lend a helping hand.


U.S. Money Reserve Raised Over $200,000 For Hurricane Harvey Victims


While many individuals stepped up and made generous donations, there were also several companies from the Houston area that decided to step up and assist with the recovery efforts.


U.S. Money Reserve, a precious metals distributor with offices in Houston, partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to set up a relief initiative that would help the victims of hurricane Harvey.


During the month of September 2017 U.S. Money Reserve matched all donations up to $100,000 that were made to the Austin Disaster Relief Network’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. Learn more:


By the end of the month the company had help raise over $200,000 for hurricane relief. According to Angela Koch, the current CEO of U.S.Money Reserve, hurricane Harvey hit close to home as many of their customers and employees were affected.


Because of this they felt the need to do their part in helping the people of Houston recover.


All funds that were raised went directly towards helping those who have suffered the most in the Texas Gulf Coast.


About U.S. Money Reserve


Since opening their doors in 2001 U.S. Money Reserve has quickly established itself as one of the largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government-issued precious metals in the world.


Over the course of the last 16 years they have helped thousands upon thousands of clients diversify their portfolios by investing in said precious metals.


The team at U.S. Money Reserve is uniquely trained and can help you find the most profitable precious metals to invest in.


To learn more about what they have to offer visit them online at

Seniors Make Sussex Healthcare Home

Sussex Health Care has been the facility that people put their parents in when they need senior healthcare homes. This has become one of the most well-known healthcare facilities in the United Kingdom. It has presented many adult children of aging parents with options for taking care of their parents. This has become the type of healthcare organization that is providing services for the elderly as well as people that may have neurological brain injuries. This has become an organization that has taken a heavy burden off of people that may not necessarily be able to stay home with their parents or any patients that may have these type of disorders.

It is obvious that this is one of the better organizations for people that are trying to care for their aging parents as they continue to work various jobs. It goes without saying that the healthcare industry is filled with a lot of changes and codes for healthcare organizations to follow. Sussex Healthcare stays on target with people that are trying to build better healthcare facilities and provide the best possible care for people that are in need of healthcare.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Helps Patients Feel at Home

Seniors that come to these facilities will find that there are a great amount of staff members that are certified in helping with a multitude of different types of therapy. People that come to these healthcare organizations will also have the chance to engage in various types of activities for seniors. There is a wide range of opportunity for people to explore if they have skills to take care of the patients.

Sussex Healthcare hires qualified therapists and nurses to provide excellent health care for those that are patients of this facility. It has become well noted in the United Kingdom as an organization with a friendly and highly qualified staff that is up-to-date on the latest medical procedures and therapy methods that provide the best health care.

Sussex is a healthcare facility that continues to rise above other healthcare facilities in the United Kingdom because it caters to several different types of patient needs. It provides a facility for so many United Kingdom citizens that are trying to adapt to a new way of life. Anyone that is looking for superior healthcare will definitely make plans to consider what a healthcare facility like Sussex Healthcare is able to provide for all the patients that this staff is treating.

Most popular Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub

The tenure of Daniel Taub marked an era of cordial relationship between the United Kingdom and Israel. The department of trade was the biggest gainer in the strengthened ties between these two countries. The trade ties between the two countries doubled within a period of four years of his leadership. Daniel Taub also ensured that other sectors of interests between the two countries also improved. There was a cooperation in academia, cultural interactions, and business. There was an increase in the number of Jewish owned businesses in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub tenure was marked by huge improvements in these sectors. His accomplishments will stand for a long time after he is gone. Other diplomats after him will have an uphill task matching what he had accomplished just within four years of his leadership.



Daniel Taub is was appointed by his country Israel to serve as the ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011. He served for four years and resigned in 2015. He left a trail of achievements as well as strengthened relations between the two countries. The relations are cordial and this laid a basis for the two countries to engage in matters of common interest in the Middle East region. The United Kingdom is a good ally of Israel when facing the conflicts that are experienced in the region.



Daniel Taub used his position as the head of the Israel delegation to the United Kingdom to speak on behalf of his country on various matters of significance. London is a media and a financial center in the entire globe. This means that United Kingdom presents a good opportunity for one to speak to the whole world regarding matters of worldwide concerns.



Daniel Taub used his position to appear on various shows in the British media. He expressed his opinions on various issues concerning the Middle East region. He urged the world to concentrate on helping the region deal with the positive things that were happening in the Middle East. For a long time, people have been concentrating on the negative news about the region. Daniel Taub insisted that it was a time that the world used the positive from the region to address the challenges faced in the region.



Daniel Taub has played an important role in bringing peace in the region. He has been a lead negotiator for peace in the region. He led a delegation that came up with the first peace agreement between Israel and Palestine.