Elysium Health Joins the Rapidly Growing Supplement Industry

Elysium Health is one of the most important startups to make a debut in the supplement industry in recent years. Founded by MIT researcher Dr. Leonard Guarente, the company aims to bring academic rigor and scientific validity to an industry that has long been beset by a less-than-stellar reputation, due to the questionable credibility of many supplements on the market.

With Basis, Elysium is bringing cutting edge knowledge to the public

Dr. Guarente has long pointed out that the current state of scientific knowledge regarding the aging process is decades ahead of the options available to the public. With Basis, the first product from Elysium Health, the company has developed a formula to increase NAD+ levels, which can decrease as we age.

With two active ingredients, Basis is a relatively simple product. Nicotinamide riboside is the most important precursor to the molecule known as NAD+, which is a critical component of many cellular processes. The other substance contained in Basis is pterostilbene, a potent antioxidant similar to resveratrol that works synergistically with NAD+.

Together, these two molecules form one of the most potent means of promoting overall cellular health. When taken regularly, Basis has been proven through clinical trials to raise NAD+ levels by up to 40% in four weeks, thus affecting the cellular processes that NAD+ is involved in.

Basis is available on a subscription model for just $50 per month, or a one-time purchase for $60 a month, on Elysium’s Website. Also available on the website is more information on the company, as well as a more in-depth explanation of the science behind Basis.

Jeunesse Global Rapidly Expands

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been one of the most consistently productive couples in the global health and beauty business. Both have been responsible for the creation of dozens of highly profitable businesses, with Ray being an expert in marketing and Lewis having a rock-solid background in business administration and product development.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the power couple of the health and beauty industry was able to create yet another success story from scratch. Jeunesse Global, the company that the couple founded in 2009 as a means to alleviate the boredom of retirement, has quickly proven to be one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in the history of the global health and beauty industry.

Both Ray and Lewis knew what it would take to bring their business from startup to cash cow. Lewis has been extensively involved in the development of many products, both for her own firms and as an outside consultant. One of Jeunesse’s secrets has been its ability to quickly bring highly innovative and market-driven products to the consumer. Many of the company’s current lineup of products are unique enough that they effectively have no real competition, an enviable position to be in for any business.

Jeunesse has developed one of the first ever mind-enhancing drinks. Known as Cera-Q, the great-tasting drink is formulated for concentration and alertness. It contains a number of proprietary ingredients that the company has developed on its own dime. These have been scientifically shown to increase focus, improve memory retention and allow for faster completion of computational tasks. This productivity-enhancing drink is truly singular. Nothing else like it is available on the open market.

Another of the company’s unique and amazingly effective products is the Zen 8 Project. This is a holistic weight-loss system that eschews feel-good slogans and spectacular claims for proven science. The system includes the company’s own weight-loss supplement, Zen Bodi. The system is based around the three core tenets of weight loss: burning fat, curbing appetite and building muscle.

Zen Bodi and the Zen 8 Project are available exclusively through Jeunesse Global distributors.

Former President, CEO, and Director of UTC, Louis Chenevert

All throughout the years there have been numerous industries that have failed to keep their footing let alone grow in the economy. One of the largest industries has seen a particular decline since the end of the second world war, industrial manufacturing. With technological advancements being made, many of the once common products were no longer necessary and many industrial manufacturers would fall.

One of the largest companies that has managed to continue to grow throughout the economical roller coaster of the global economy, is United Technologies Corporation, a multinational conglomerate that is based in Farmington, Connecticut. Much of the success of UTC is due to the hard work of former CEO, Louis Chenevert, a man who would one day lead the company to see vast growth through one of the toughest economic times.

Louis Chenevert was educated at HEC Montreal, an affiliate school of business that is with the University of Montreal. He earned his bachelor of business administration in production management in 1979. Additionally, in 2011 Chenevert also received a doctorate honoris causa from both Concordia University as well as HEC Montreal.

Chenevert began his career in business management and production by working for General Motors for fourteen years, where he would grow to become a production manager. In 1993 he joined a UTC owned business unit, Pratt & Whitney, and oversaw the manufacturing of aircraft motors.

Six years of working for Pratt & Whitney allowed Louis Chenevert to be named as the vice-president of the company before becoming the president of Pratt & Whitney. A few short years later in March of 2006 he would join UTC as the chief operating officer, president and director.

During his tenure as the president of UTC enterprise, Chenevert would see some of the toughest economic times, since this was during the subprime recession. During his time, he invested heavily into the company itself, bolstering the workforce and even relocating thousands of workers to Connecticut where they were able to diversify their work potentials, something that was seldom done at the time.

When Louis Chenevert initially stepped in as the CEO of UTC, the share price of the company was a low $37. Through his innovative leadership the stock would rise over 200 percent to $117 per share, showing that his ability to lead a company is nearly unmatched.

Let’s Take a Dive into Waiakea Water

The bottled water industry is estimated to be now over a $100 billion dollar industry across the globe. Waiakea water is based out of Hawaii and uses Hawaiian language for it’s brand “Wai-akea” which means broad waters when used together. The company was established in 2012, they care for the environment with eco-friendly bottles and they are certified carbon neutral and use low emission vehicles to deliver products.

Waiakea water is the water that has environmentally friendly packaging and also has unique heath benefits, and not to mention each bottle of Waiakea Water that is sold also gives back to the community in several different ways. This water is electrolyte and alkaline, which also has many plus side effects for the body.

The water is co-packaged in a facility in Long Beach, California which permits this water to be packaged in a eco-friendly way. Ryan Emmons founded the Waiakea Water Company in 2012 at the young age of 22, with him being so young several people had their doubts for this company; which Emmons proved them wrong. His company has grown over 4,000 percent since it’s creation. With an annual growth rate of 170 percent the company went from averaging 2,304 cases to over 122,400 cases annually over the time span of three years.

Emmons claims that the taste is a unique flavor and that the waters texture leaves a special and unique “soft mouth feel” short after intake. In the new year Waiakea announces it will deliver the world’s first fully degradable bottle which claims that the bottle will degrade more than 97 percent quicker than our well known traditional bottles. This will be done in hopes of helping the world stay cleaner and less polluted. Waiakea donates a one week supply of clean water through it’s clean water projects with help of their partnership with Pump Aid.

Ronald Fowlkes: The Duty To Serve Freedom And Security

Ronald Fowlkes is the kind of man that many would describe as a man of action, and his law enforcement ethics have proven such traits. He has spent most of his life serving his country by fighting for freedom through times of war or fighting for the innocent during times of peace by providing security to them through law enforcement means. Ronald Fowlkes has his name behind the well-being of many families and communities.


Today, Ronald Fowlkes is the Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement department’s Business Development Manager of Law. The Eagle Industries Unlimited goes and produces products that are manufactured by the company and that are used in tactical law enforcement communities such as tactical assault vests, which are essential for the effectiveness of their fight, weapon transport gears, where security is crucial, holsters, operational nylon equipment, and personal gear carriers, as well as others.


Ronald Fowlkes’ job is to instruct more than 150 sales personnel of Eagle Industries Unlimited on the use of these products, and how to adapt to the production, development, and sale departments.


Before his role in the private sector, Ronald Fowlkes served to protect his country’s freedom in many capacities. In 1989, for four consecutive years, he joined the United States of America’s decorated Marine Corps, passed the popularly known hard Marine Corps School’s Marine Combat Training courageously and during his time in the Marine Corps, the man was rewarded by a promotion two times. Ronald Fowlkes won a big reputation during that time and quickly became a War veteran.


Ronald Fowlkes sought more military knowledge and enrolled in the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company’s Basic Engineering Course, where he would learn more about the field. Ronald also became one of the army’s elite airborne through a school that trained soldiers to use the parachute.


After his first studying years, Ronald expanded his military airborne skills when he earned his Insignia in the Marine Corps, a Parachute Insignia. And always being a man of action and skills, he also learned to be a combat diver by attending a special school.


During the 1st ANGLICO, Ronald Fowlkes was assigned to several high missions where he had various roles in airborne operations like using many different types of radios, to perform air and naval gunfire missions. Ronald Fowlkes was also included in many reconnaissance missions.


Aside from many military roles, Ronald also has a lot of experience working in the law enforcement community. Ronald has performed jobs with the St. Louis County Police Department for three years and many more with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. With the skills and experience he acquired through years of military services, he has trained cops in the use of defensive tactics, tactical rifle and urban/swat tactical warfare.