Kim Dao Takes Us Sightseeing in Osaka

On May 5,2017, Kim Dao started by showing us some Neko note that means cat’s paw. It resembles two cat’s paws put together like a wafer. The part of the paw near where the claws would be or the knuckle part of the human hand was lined with drops of pink icing. Neko no te looked more like a double cookie with crème in between than a bread. Kim Dao also showed us Sakura au pan bread that looked like a sugar cookie with a cherry on top.Learn more :


When she went out, Kim Dao stopped off for a chicken burger at an Osaka  KFC. She also purchased some curly fries that were more semi curly or wavy. Right after eating at KFC, Kim Dao went to see Osaka Castle that’s one Japan’s most important tourist attractions. Kim Dao snacked on a blueberry snow cone from one of the farmer’s market vendors.Learn more :


After visiting the park area where the castle was, Kim Dao decided to visit the Osaka Aquarium( She told us she would film outside the aquarium but not go inside because Kim Dao already had filmed footage of the aquarium previously. On the way to the aquarium, Kim Dao passed by some shops and a Ferris wheel. Outside the aquarium, they had fish flags hanging in the air by wires to simulate flying fish. The two wide windows of the aquarium looked like fish tanks with fish swimming. After filming the exterior of the aquarium. Kim went home.Learn more :