Leadership Skills of Gregory Aziz At National Steel Car

Gregory Aziz has made the great contribution in the National Steel Car at the position of the CEO. He is the man behind all the activities taking place in the company. National Steel Car has registered a lot of transformation ever since it was founded 15 years ago. One of the primary factors that Greg has implemented in the company is the teamwork among the members who are running the services within National Steel Car. As a dedicated leader of the firm, he has propelled the National Steel Car to the higher position in the entire region of North America. The area that the business has put its attention in is the production of the railroad materials.


Greg James Aziz has integrated all the requirement in the services provision of the company to make the products meet the standards required in the market. Aziz has also stretched the limits to the international level by opening up different offices in many parts of the world. The idea behind the move was to allow the close contact of the company’s distributors to the clients. The concept has been beneficial to the National Steel Car in the sense that the response from the customers concerning the services they are getting are used to adjust the production objectives in the firm. The other part that Greg has insisted on in the company is the application of the current means of technology in various approaches within the organization. The step has allowed National Steel Car to venture into the arena of innovation and make their goals fit the dynamic technology. Gregory James has put the National Steel Car at the peak point and dominate the market in the whole region of North America. The best timing skills have enabled Greg to read the trends in the market. Find More Information Here.



James Aziz has also placed a well-established team of experts in the company to push for the objectives. Aziz studied at the University of Western Ontario before making his debut in the circle of business. He has demonstrated to be skilled leaders with excellent managerial skills. James Aziz gained experience while assisting in the control of the family business. He later made the business break into the scene of the international market. He further made the firm earned a lot of returns within a short period in the market.


For more than a decade NSC has been recognized by the TTX  SECO ( TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee) for supplier excellence. Furthermore, NSC is the only railcar manufacturer in North America to obtain a 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization.


Gregory James Aziz has demonstrated to be a pragmatic leader with great concepts in the arena of business.

The Businessman Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is currently the chairman of National Steel Car. He also doubles as the company’s chief executive and president. This is one of the most established railroad freight car manufacturer. The company is located in Ontario’s Hamilton town.


James Aziz


Gregory was born on April 30th, 1949 in London. He went to Ridley College. Later he would join University of Western Ontario for an Economics major.

Family Business


Greg Aziz started working for his family in 1971. The family operated a wholesale business dealing in foods. This family business expanded tremendously in 16 years to become one of the leading importers of fresh European, and American foods. The company imported from South and Central American countries. The product would later be distributed across the US and into the Eastern part of Canada.


Read More: https://www.steelcar.com/Greg-Aziz-welcome

Other Businesses


James Aziz worked on numerous banking jobs between the 80s and 90s. This experience prepared him for the National Steel Car deal he struck for Dofasco early 1994. The idea was to transform the company into a leader in the railroad freight vehicle manufacturing. Upon acquisition, the company expanded so much so that it went from manufacturing 3,500 cars annually to over 12,000 cars in 1999. More employees were hired to enable production. The company lay emphasis on team building, capital investment and engineering.


Owing to National Steel Car’s resilience and dedication to excellence, the company is a leader in innovating new vehicles. It also builds many railroad freight vehicles on a yearly basis. National Steel Car is certified ISO 9001:2008 as the sole railroad freight vehicle manufacturer in North America. The company has held this honor for the over 18 years receiving consistent awards for quality service delivery since 1996. The TTX SECO is a high-quality award given to companies that demonstrate excellence in service delivery. See Related Link to learn more.


Giving Back and Philanthropy


National Steel Car is passionate about giving back to the community and philanthropy. Hamilton Community has benefitted greatly from National Steel Car’s work. Theatre Aquarius, Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera as well as United Way are some of the institutions that have benefitted from donations courtesy of National Steel Car.


Apart from these institutions, staff of the company present, and past are regulars at the yearly Christmas parties organized. The company also organizes major food drives for some of the food banks in the area. Gregory J Aziz together with Irene, his wife, sponsors Canada’s most prestigious agricultural show: The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

The Importance Of Israeli Americans Unifying Around Israel

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-American who believes the heritage and culture of Israel and its place in the world can bring together various communities of Jews and Israelis scattered across the globe, and through education and activism he’s helped promote this view. His main channel for philanthropy has come through the Israeli-American Council where he presides as Chairman, and through the Milstein Family Foundation which supports hundreds of organizations and also has a Hebrew learning program through SifriyatPijamaB’America which instructs families with young children. The Israeli-American Council hosts conferences every year that have sessions on political and social topics surrounding Israel and America, and Adam Milstein is always pleased with the young people that turn out and show their pride in the nation. To him, the identity and love for Israel as well as the ability to venture outside the normal box is what can tie Israelis and Jewish Americans together despite some ideological differences.

Adam Milstein has such a deep love for Israel because it truly has been his home alongside the US and he has served it as a veteran. In fact, both Adam and his father are veterans with the older Milstein having fought in the initial independence war of 1948, and Adam in the IDF during the Yom Kippur War. Adam Milstein’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in business and economics from the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel and a master’s from the University of Southern California. Along with a background in building framing and construction, Milstein is a real estate investor and Managing Partner for Hager Pacific Properties which owns millions of dollars in commercial and residential properties across California, Texas and Illinois.

Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein and has three daughters who also now have children of their own. They have all worked together to build philanthropic ties with other leaders across the US through the Milstein Family Foundation and its alliances. One of their biggest target groups has been college students who they have led campus coalitions with to combat antisemitism and to sponsor trips to Israel to help them get in touch with their heritage and identity. In a list compiled by the Jerusalem Post in 2016, Adam Milstein ranked #39 in the world’s most influential Jews.

Joel Friant Has Habanero Peppers Everyone Can Enjoy

Joel Friant knows a thing or two about success. He created the Habanero Shaker, and he is helping others to realize their dreams and to live the lives that will make them happy.

Joel Friant was in the real estate business and has since become known as the “Thai Guy,” thanks to his love of Habanero peppers. He first fell in love with the hot, spicy pepper in high school when a friend first introduced the pepper to him.

Friant became very curious as to why some people seemed to find success while others did not. He took an online course on how to sell successfully on eBay and on Amazon, and he gave many seminars online and had even written and published many works to help others find their success and happiness.

He developed the Habanero Shaker because there was no product quite like it in the market and because he really loves hot peppers and wants others or enjoy this great spice as well. Habanero peppers have many benefits and even cause the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins produce those feel-good hormones and are a natural painkiller.

A typical day for Friant is to tackle the most important things first. He enjoys a good bike ride, and that is when he gets a lot of his great ideas. He jots his thoughts down on paper, and he is very passionate about spices.

He credits a lot of his success to writing down his ideas to keep his mind clear. His worst job ever was scraping gum off of the sidewalk, but it taught him that success is all in the mind. He has learned a lot form others and he has also learned that it is important to hang out with like-minded people and not the “wrong” people.

The best $100 spent is at a church charity and he uses Outlook Calendar, Facebook, and Skype as his tools for his success. He recommends reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles and “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. Friant believe that anyone can become successful with the right mindset.

Siteline Custom Cabinets Are Popping Up In All Styles Of Homes

When it comes to your secret oasis, where do you go to in order to escape from the realities of life? Do you take solace in the kitchen where you can prepare gourmet meals or are you someone who likes to head into the bathroom to take a long, hot soak? If either of these options is you and you have decided to update your home, the one thing you should start with is the kitchen cabinets or the bathroom cabinets.

While looking for a custom cabinet maker, if you want to find something that is a bit more affordable than most other cabinet makers, you should turn to the Corsi Group. They specialize in a number of different styles of cabinets and different designs. The latest addition to the cabinet group is Siteline.

Siteline is a custom made cabinet maker who offers more than 270 different variables for materials, accents, color and more for cabinet choices. Someone would be surprised to learn about the cost of the cabinets when compared to stock cabinets in the stores.

Cabinets that are already in stock in your town are a good idea if you want something in a hurry but if you want custom made cabinets that are to your specifications and desires, why would you want to go with plain cabinets. Especially when you can have custom cabinets for a much better price.

If you are looking for cabinets that are more than just affordable, you should turn to Siteline to check out all the different options you have. They not only are affordable, they also have a fairly quick turn around for items. The typical time frame that it takes from you submitting the dimensions and desires of your cabinets to receiving your cabinets is right around 5 weeks.

This means that you can have your kitchen put back together in just over a month, at latest. If you are having cabinets installed in your bathroom, the rest of the room can be done before the cabinets arrive and are installed. Your contractor will be able to go over everything you need to know about custom cabinets.

Former President, CEO, and Director of UTC, Louis Chenevert

All throughout the years there have been numerous industries that have failed to keep their footing let alone grow in the economy. One of the largest industries has seen a particular decline since the end of the second world war, industrial manufacturing. With technological advancements being made, many of the once common products were no longer necessary and many industrial manufacturers would fall.

One of the largest companies that has managed to continue to grow throughout the economical roller coaster of the global economy, is United Technologies Corporation, a multinational conglomerate that is based in Farmington, Connecticut. Much of the success of UTC is due to the hard work of former CEO, Louis Chenevert, a man who would one day lead the company to see vast growth through one of the toughest economic times.

Louis Chenevert was educated at HEC Montreal, an affiliate school of business that is with the University of Montreal. He earned his bachelor of business administration in production management in 1979. Additionally, in 2011 Chenevert also received a doctorate honoris causa from both Concordia University as well as HEC Montreal.

Chenevert began his career in business management and production by working for General Motors for fourteen years, where he would grow to become a production manager. In 1993 he joined a UTC owned business unit, Pratt & Whitney, and oversaw the manufacturing of aircraft motors.

Six years of working for Pratt & Whitney allowed Louis Chenevert to be named as the vice-president of the company before becoming the president of Pratt & Whitney. A few short years later in March of 2006 he would join UTC as the chief operating officer, president and director.

During his tenure as the president of UTC enterprise, Chenevert would see some of the toughest economic times, since this was during the subprime recession. During his time, he invested heavily into the company itself, bolstering the workforce and even relocating thousands of workers to Connecticut where they were able to diversify their work potentials, something that was seldom done at the time.

When Louis Chenevert initially stepped in as the CEO of UTC, the share price of the company was a low $37. Through his innovative leadership the stock would rise over 200 percent to $117 per share, showing that his ability to lead a company is nearly unmatched.

Ronald Fowlkes: The Duty To Serve Freedom And Security

Ronald Fowlkes is the kind of man that many would describe as a man of action, and his law enforcement ethics have proven such traits. He has spent most of his life serving his country by fighting for freedom through times of war or fighting for the innocent during times of peace by providing security to them through law enforcement means. Ronald Fowlkes has his name behind the well-being of many families and communities.


Today, Ronald Fowlkes is the Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement department’s Business Development Manager of Law. The Eagle Industries Unlimited goes and produces products that are manufactured by the company and that are used in tactical law enforcement communities such as tactical assault vests, which are essential for the effectiveness of their fight, weapon transport gears, where security is crucial, holsters, operational nylon equipment, and personal gear carriers, as well as others.


Ronald Fowlkes’ job is to instruct more than 150 sales personnel of Eagle Industries Unlimited on the use of these products, and how to adapt to the production, development, and sale departments.


Before his role in the private sector, Ronald Fowlkes served to protect his country’s freedom in many capacities. In 1989, for four consecutive years, he joined the United States of America’s decorated Marine Corps, passed the popularly known hard Marine Corps School’s Marine Combat Training courageously and during his time in the Marine Corps, the man was rewarded by a promotion two times. Ronald Fowlkes won a big reputation during that time and quickly became a War veteran.


Ronald Fowlkes sought more military knowledge and enrolled in the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company’s Basic Engineering Course, where he would learn more about the field. Ronald also became one of the army’s elite airborne through a school that trained soldiers to use the parachute.


After his first studying years, Ronald expanded his military airborne skills when he earned his Insignia in the Marine Corps, a Parachute Insignia. And always being a man of action and skills, he also learned to be a combat diver by attending a special school.


During the 1st ANGLICO, Ronald Fowlkes was assigned to several high missions where he had various roles in airborne operations like using many different types of radios, to perform air and naval gunfire missions. Ronald Fowlkes was also included in many reconnaissance missions.


Aside from many military roles, Ronald also has a lot of experience working in the law enforcement community. Ronald has performed jobs with the St. Louis County Police Department for three years and many more with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. With the skills and experience he acquired through years of military services, he has trained cops in the use of defensive tactics, tactical rifle and urban/swat tactical warfare.



National Steel Car: Canadas Greatest Asset

Gregory James Aziz is the chairman, president and CEO of the National Steel Car, a company which specializes in the production of rolling stocks, commonly known as train cars. Gregory J Aziz invested a lot in the company that he purchased from Dofasco, and since 1994, the National Steel Car experienced exponential growth. The company was recognized as one of the most profitable companies in Canada, and they managed to export their products overseas, catering to rail transport companies who are looking for quality made rolling stocks. The National Steel Car has been operating for more than 100 years, and they keep on breaking expectations and becoming a company of excellence. Visit This Page for more information.


Established in 1912, the National Steel Car was transferred from one owner to another. Gregory James Aziz had the chance to purchase the company in 1994 when the industry faced serious crises, sending their market crashing down. Dofasco has seen the National Steel Car as a liability, and to prevent more loses, they sold it to Gregory James Aziz who was then a professional working for the finance industry. He immediately took over after acquiring the company, but let the employees hired by Dofasco to stay because James Aziz believed in their talents and skills. There were around 600 employees that were turned over under his leadership, but Gregory James Aziz employed more people, making the total number of National Steel Car employees to more than 3,000.

Because of the rise of employees working for the rolling stock manufacturing firm, the number of rolling stocks that the National Steel Car produces annually also climbed up. They managed to increase the annual production from 3,500 rolling stocks to more than 12,500 rolling stocks. Even if the number of rolling stocks produced went up, Gregory James Aziz is making sure that the quality is not affected. Aziz supervises every department inside the company making sure that all of the employees are following the rules and regulations. The National Steel Car was awarded with the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, because of the high-quality products that they create. Gregory James Aziz was also a recipient of several awards and recognitions by other award giving bodies, recognizing his efforts in making the National Steel Car as one of the most competitive companies in Canada.

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Gregory Aziz Is An Outstanding CEO Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born in Ontario, London in 1949. Since 1994, Gregory Aziz is the Chairman, and President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. This is a leading engineering as well as manufacturing company in the world that makes railroad freight cars.

Gregory J Aziz is a family person. His wife is Irene. Both of them support the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is organized in Canada.


He did not join National Steel Car immediately after completing his education. In 1971, Greg Aziz joined his family company. This was the import of wholesale foodstuff and was called the Affiliated Foods. Greg managed to grow his family company in a big way over 16 years. It turned into an importer of foods worldwide under his leadership. They were importing mainly from Central as well as South America besides Europe. The company was distributing to the fresh food resellers based in Eastern Canada along with the United States. See: http://gregaziz.ca/

Then James Aziz moved to New York in the 1980s and worked there till 1990s in several banking opportunities. In 1994 he aided in the purchase of National Steel Car from its owner, Dofasco. His main aim for buying this company was to transform it and make it a leading engineering and manufacturing company in North America. Within five years of its purchase, the company’s manufacturing aptitude enhanced from 3500 to 12,000 railroad freight cars each year. This feat was achieved with an emphasis on capital as well as human resource investment, besides building on its engineering capabilities along with team-building events. There was also a great improvement in providing employment opportunities from 1994 to the year 1999. It became 3,000 employees from 600 initially. National Steel Car has been outstanding in new cars innovation. This is due to its expertise in manufacturing as well as engineering sector. This company has been manufacturing thousands of Railroad Freight Cars each year. Get More Information Here.


Currently, National Steel Car is ISO 9001:2008 certified company that is manufacturing railroad freight cars in North America. This company has gone through several recertification rounds and managed to retain this certification for the past 18 years. This has made it a leader in this industry. Thanks to Mr. Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has managed to receive the TTX SECO award too. This is a quality award. This is a company that has over 100 years of excellence in engineering as well as manufacturing fields.

National Steel Cars Exceeds Expectations With Gregory Aziz

The railroad industry is a very lucrative business and few business professionals are able to take part in their success as National Steel Car has been able to do under the business professional’s leadership, and direction of Gregory J Aziz. They have been able to meet the needs of a revolving industry with superior quality and a team of competent professionals committed to the safety of the general public and creating safe and quality products. Many of their customers have been impressed with the inner growth of their products and services and the infamous National Steel Car network.


Gregory James Aziz is one of the main benefactors behind the ability of NSC to stay on top. Their advanced technological solutions have allowed many railroad operations and actual trains to transport products and good safely to one destination to another because of their industry breaking steel technology. They’re a trusted brand with over 100 years of expertise in the industry and Gregory J Aziz works alongside their corporations as a committed CEO and business professional. Most of their partners are familiar with their first-in-class mission statement with all of their good and services at National Steel Car.


Originally established as Imperial Steel Car in 1912, they’re proudly based in Ontario, Canada and offer limited designs, tank cars, rail freight, and engineers as part of their business services to the railroad industry. It has been a 3-rock rolling stock for their Canadian owners since their establishment. Railroads get ultra-fast flow which gets their merchandise to their destination faster and much safer with flat, gondola, tri-hopper, super-duty, open, closed and more. They have the right car for the job when and where you need it for many rail cars operating in Canada and abroad. National Steel Car has the equipment to meet the demands of high utilization. Read This Page to learn more.


You’re invited to go online and visit the professional LinkedIn account of their successful chairman, Gregory James Aziz. The National Steel Car website also has full details of their highly respected executive leadership team, goods, and services provided to the railroad industry.

See: https://www.behance.net/greg-aziz