Obsidian Energy Continues To Be An Authority In The Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Obsidian Energy, which was formerly known as Penn West Exploration Ltd, is a mid-sized Canadian oil and natural gas production company based in Calgary, Alberta. For several years, Obsidian Energy was among the sixty largest firms on the Toronto Stock Exchange. From 2005 to 2011, the company served as Canadian royalty trust. In January 2008, the corporation reached a peak market capitalization of US $9.5 billion.

Obsidian Energy has a well-balanced portfolio of remarkable assets given that it produces about 30,000 barrels per day. The company has instituted a strong management around its assets, thus offering the correct platform to deliver bottom-line results. Their entrepreneurial spirit will enable them to succeed in the competitive industry. The company is founded on the premise of discipline, and resolute accountability to their shareholders, communities in which they operate in and their partners. In addition, the company’s success is anchored on its employees unwavering passion for the work that they do. See More Info Here.

In June 2017, the company officially changed its name from Penn West Petroleum Ltd to Obsidian Energy. The company’s re-engineer process involved changing every aspect of their business. The management of the corporation redefined the purpose, direction and growth strategy. After the transformation, the oil and natural gas firm has reemerged as an authority in the competitive industry.

Obsidian Energy operates in Alberta across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This region is considered to have some of the world’s largest petroleum reserves. In Alberta, production is conducted in three major areas, including Pembina Cardium, the Alberta Viking and the Peace Oil Sands. In 2017, the total production of oil and natural gas is projected to average nearly 31,000 barrels per day.

After assuming a new name, the corporation changed its stock symbol to OBE on both the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto stock exchange. Moreover, shareholders approved the entire resolutions, which were outlined in the notice of this year’s Annual and Special Meeting and Management Proxy Circular that was dated April 30, 2017. The chief executive officer and president of the corporation, David French, stated that Obsidian Energy was well positioned to conquer the market. This is because they have a healthy balance sheet, the right assets and a shrewd hedging strategy. These strategies will enable the corporation to set a high standard for performance.


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Assuming a New Business – Lessons with Greg Aziz

In the rail transport industry, rolling stocks comprise a term that refers to what wheeled vehicles use to travel and move through roadways. They are essential for rail-based vehicles, and the manufacture of the rolling stocks is a very important industry for the transportation system.

In Canada, the industry gives tons of attention to the quality of its transportation, and the Railroad Industry is no different. The most important company and the one that is the most reliable rolling stocks manufacturer is National Steel Car, an enterprise that has more than a hundred years working in the market.


Currently, the leader and the face of the company National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation as well as Chairman of the board of directors. He has an impressive record of successes under his belt, and he has been leading the National Steel Car staff to high grounds once again.


Gregory J Aziz is also known for being from the family that founded Affiliated Foods, an international food supplier, and provider owned by the Aziz family. Greg Aziz has worked with his relatives in Affiliated Foods where he learned a lot of things that he would later use to lead the staff of National Steel Car.


Having attended the Western University, Canada is one of the best places for an entrepreneur to grow, as the young population is giving room for new generations to take over the responsibility.


Greg Aziz became an incredible financial administrator very young in his career, being already the best in his University classroom while he was working with Affiliated Foods and assisting the family business with cooperation and giving his best.


Greg Aziz was not familiar with the railroad industry before assuming the role of CEO of National Steel Car, but he studied and developed a keen understanding of what was that industry. He learned that rolling stocks include both energetic/powered vehicles as well as unpowered ones; learned what was the business model of the National Steel Car and how it could be improved.


Greg Aziz soon left Affiliated Foods to help his new business and lead his new employees with a goal in mind of improving the state of National Steel Car to an even more influential position in the country. Click Here To Learn More.


Soon, National Steel Car improved with the arrangement of Greg Aziz in the administration role, and the company remains in the top three companies in the rolling stock industry since it was founded, more than a century ago.

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