Joel Friant Has Habanero Peppers Everyone Can Enjoy

Joel Friant knows a thing or two about success. He created the Habanero Shaker, and he is helping others to realize their dreams and to live the lives that will make them happy.

Joel Friant was in the real estate business and has since become known as the “Thai Guy,” thanks to his love of Habanero peppers. He first fell in love with the hot, spicy pepper in high school when a friend first introduced the pepper to him.

Friant became very curious as to why some people seemed to find success while others did not. He took an online course on how to sell successfully on eBay and on Amazon, and he gave many seminars online and had even written and published many works to help others find their success and happiness.

He developed the Habanero Shaker because there was no product quite like it in the market and because he really loves hot peppers and wants others or enjoy this great spice as well. Habanero peppers have many benefits and even cause the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins produce those feel-good hormones and are a natural painkiller.

A typical day for Friant is to tackle the most important things first. He enjoys a good bike ride, and that is when he gets a lot of his great ideas. He jots his thoughts down on paper, and he is very passionate about spices.

He credits a lot of his success to writing down his ideas to keep his mind clear. His worst job ever was scraping gum off of the sidewalk, but it taught him that success is all in the mind. He has learned a lot form others and he has also learned that it is important to hang out with like-minded people and not the “wrong” people.

The best $100 spent is at a church charity and he uses Outlook Calendar, Facebook, and Skype as his tools for his success. He recommends reading “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles and “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz. Friant believe that anyone can become successful with the right mindset.

Norman Pattiz Announces New Podcast App

Millions of people eagerly awaited the new PodcastOne App. The new app, recently released, promises to offer several new social functions and added features. Every new feature was designed to immerse the listener in the world of their favorite podcast show. The app is available for free on the company’s website and in app stores.

There’s a new feature for every type of listener. The biggest feature is the virtual reality videos that some podcasts will have. Other shows offer exclusive articles and photos of intriguing subjects. Also, listeners can communicate with each other via personal messages.

The one feature that has everyone excited is virtual reality. Virtual reality’s never been used on podcast shows before. PodcastOne partnered with Mandt VR to ensure that every show using virtual reality gets the highest-quality VR. Currently, there are over 1,000 virtual reality videos in the PodcastOne library.

The moment the companies worked their partnership out, Mandt VR rushed over to major PodcastOne studios. Not every studio has VR equipment, but most of them do. Some podcasts even have mobile VR equipment so that hosts can film VR footage in exotic and amazing locales.

An amazing behind-the-scenes fact is how honored Neil Mandt was to work with Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne. Anyone in the media industry knows how Norman Pattiz is; he’s a legend. Getting to see Pattiz figure out a way to introduce innovative features to such a basic platform was amazing. Mandt also respects Pattiz’s embrace of new technology.

Pattiz’s done a lot more with PodcastOne than just introduce virtual reality. Back when podcasts were fairly new, his company conducted a study to determine the viability of advertising on the podcast platform. The results were promising, leading Pattiz to create the first advertising-based business model for his podcast network. Learn more:

PodcastOne is the most popular of all his companies. It has the most celebrity-hosted shows. Last year, Forbes recognized Pattiz for his “celebrity-infused greatest hits”. The entire article about Pattiz is four pages long and covers everything from his first job to his role at PodcastOne.

Another hugely successful company that Pattiz founded is Westwood One. Westwood One provides entertainment, talk, sports, and news shows to radio stations all over the country ( He worked with some of the biggest names in media, including celebrities.