AvaTrade Review-Is it Worth Your Investment?

AvaTrade is an online Forex and CFD brokerage firm headquartered in the UK. It was established in 2006 and is approved and licensed by MIFD in the European Union. AvaTrade plays a crucial role in the fast-growing cryptocurrencies market offering a wide range of quality trading platforms that excite both existing and new customers. AvaTrade registers over 1.5 million successfully executed trades every month.

AvaTrade is among the first Forex brokers to come up with CFD trading on ETFs, indices, commodities, and stock. They offer up to 48 tradable assets. They provide exclusive forex trading features that are not available with other stockbrokers. They offer AvaTrade promotion code that is available for up to $17,500. Anyone that invests up to $200 can receive up to $70 bonus. They have simplified funding through various payment methods such as PayPal, Ne Teller, Moneybookers, and WebMoney. Clients can withdraw funds using the AvaTrade Debit card. There is no paperwork required, and withdrawals and one can receive funds in less than five days.

AvaTrade provides a standard trading account that requires one to have a minimum deposit of $100. Funds are securely stored in segregated accounts. Their minimum lot size is 0.01 which is ideal for the small depositors. Depending on the platform that an investor uses, they can choose either floating or fixed spreads ranging from 0.9 pips. The trading options provided by AvaTrade have been customized solutions with over 250 financial instruments on their platform for clients to use.

Due to their intuitive and flexible website, anyone can be part of AvaTrade. There is no need for previous experience. Their platforms allow single-click trading and several transactions can be done from a single screen. Clients can download different trading platforms including MetaTrader 4, Ava Trader, and T4 Floating Spreads. iPhone and smartphone users can also download the AvaTrade Mobile App for easy transactions. Their big bonuses, rich knowledge-base, exclusive features and multilingual support and more make AvaTrade reliable forex and CFD brokerage firm to work with.

AvaTrade Forex Trading Review

AvaTrade brings together a group of licensed professional brokers and web-commerce experts at your disposal who are pretty much experienced to help you make the most out of your investment. In contrast with other online trading platforms, with AvaTrade you get to work with an actual Forex, or CFD broker thus should clear you of any tech-related doubts.

AvaTrade is an easy to use online trading platform that would assist you as an experienced or novice investor in many ways including:

  • Examining the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market carefully, giving you relevant information to make the best decisions that would improve your earnings.
  • Keeping the investor in the know with the currency trends, the best time to get Forex trading deals.
  • Guide the investor in the trading of CFDs.
  • Helps you to select trading options that would bring greater rewards.


  • The platform is a regulated Forex broker.
  • It works with your specific needs to give you the perfect solutions.
  • A very informative platform with all you need to know about online trading.
  • Tracks the market conditions for you, informing you what to do and when to do it.
  • Has a range of resources, educational instruments and financial tools to improve your trading.

About AvaTrade

AvaTrade has existed in the business since 2006, garnering nine industry awards since 2009 and with 200,000 registered customers worldwide carrying out over two million trade transactions in a month. With its professional brokers and web-commerce experts, the company has a 24 hours multilingual customer support team, successfully creating the optimum trading environment for its customers.

AvaTrade offers unique features such as swapping old contracts with new ones before maturity, generous deposit bonuses, online courses, the Ava Select program (to give clients further unique offerings).AvaTrade economic calendar (to help clients view the scheduled economic events in their respective days), AvaOptions (for trading OTC essential calls and Puts) and also gives clients access to Trading Central charting tools.

AvaTrade is committed to complete transparency, fairness, constant innovation and uncompromising self-evaluation in empowering certain investments and assured trading.

AvaTrade has the answers to your investment questions.