Jeunesse Global Rapidly Expands

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis have been one of the most consistently productive couples in the global health and beauty business. Both have been responsible for the creation of dozens of highly profitable businesses, with Ray being an expert in marketing and Lewis having a rock-solid background in business administration and product development.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the power couple of the health and beauty industry was able to create yet another success story from scratch. Jeunesse Global, the company that the couple founded in 2009 as a means to alleviate the boredom of retirement, has quickly proven to be one of the most rapidly expanding businesses in the history of the global health and beauty industry.

Both Ray and Lewis knew what it would take to bring their business from startup to cash cow. Lewis has been extensively involved in the development of many products, both for her own firms and as an outside consultant. One of Jeunesse’s secrets has been its ability to quickly bring highly innovative and market-driven products to the consumer. Many of the company’s current lineup of products are unique enough that they effectively have no real competition, an enviable position to be in for any business.

Jeunesse has developed one of the first ever mind-enhancing drinks. Known as Cera-Q, the great-tasting drink is formulated for concentration and alertness. It contains a number of proprietary ingredients that the company has developed on its own dime. These have been scientifically shown to increase focus, improve memory retention and allow for faster completion of computational tasks. This productivity-enhancing drink is truly singular. Nothing else like it is available on the open market.

Another of the company’s unique and amazingly effective products is the Zen 8 Project. This is a holistic weight-loss system that eschews feel-good slogans and spectacular claims for proven science. The system includes the company’s own weight-loss supplement, Zen Bodi. The system is based around the three core tenets of weight loss: burning fat, curbing appetite and building muscle.

Zen Bodi and the Zen 8 Project are available exclusively through Jeunesse Global distributors.