Assuming a New Business – Lessons with Greg Aziz

In the rail transport industry, rolling stocks comprise a term that refers to what wheeled vehicles use to travel and move through roadways. They are essential for rail-based vehicles, and the manufacture of the rolling stocks is a very important industry for the transportation system.

In Canada, the industry gives tons of attention to the quality of its transportation, and the Railroad Industry is no different. The most important company and the one that is the most reliable rolling stocks manufacturer is National Steel Car, an enterprise that has more than a hundred years working in the market.


Currently, the leader and the face of the company National Steel Car is Gregory James Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation as well as Chairman of the board of directors. He has an impressive record of successes under his belt, and he has been leading the National Steel Car staff to high grounds once again.


Gregory J Aziz is also known for being from the family that founded Affiliated Foods, an international food supplier, and provider owned by the Aziz family. Greg Aziz has worked with his relatives in Affiliated Foods where he learned a lot of things that he would later use to lead the staff of National Steel Car.


Having attended the Western University, Canada is one of the best places for an entrepreneur to grow, as the young population is giving room for new generations to take over the responsibility.


Greg Aziz became an incredible financial administrator very young in his career, being already the best in his University classroom while he was working with Affiliated Foods and assisting the family business with cooperation and giving his best.


Greg Aziz was not familiar with the railroad industry before assuming the role of CEO of National Steel Car, but he studied and developed a keen understanding of what was that industry. He learned that rolling stocks include both energetic/powered vehicles as well as unpowered ones; learned what was the business model of the National Steel Car and how it could be improved.


Greg Aziz soon left Affiliated Foods to help his new business and lead his new employees with a goal in mind of improving the state of National Steel Car to an even more influential position in the country. Click Here To Learn More.


Soon, National Steel Car improved with the arrangement of Greg Aziz in the administration role, and the company remains in the top three companies in the rolling stock industry since it was founded, more than a century ago.

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The Success of Gregory James Aziz

Born in Hamilton, Ontario on 30th April 1949, Gregory James Aziz was yet to fathom the greatness awaited him. He studied at Ridley College, eventually majoring in Economics at Western University. In his early life, he joined his family wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods, which has now become a worldwide food importer from Europe and a major distributor in Canada and the United States.



James Aziz’s passion was worlds apart from the food business as so in 1994 he was able to purchase National Steel Car (founded in 1912) from Dofasco, becoming its Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman. With him was the vision of transforming this company into a leading railroad freight car manufacturing company. The exemplary leadership skills possessed by Greg Aziz were well evidenced in the company’s numbers. With a production rate of 3,500 cars per year at the time of acquisition, this improved to a rate of 12,000 per year under his helm in just five years. The employment rate also rose by over 400% from 600 to 3,000 employees in the same amount of time. Read More Information Here.



Over time, National Steel Car (located in Hamilton, Ontario) has transformed into a leading railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company under the leadership of Greg James Aziz. The company’s ability to avoid dwelling in its past glories has allowed it to focus all its energy towards the constant pursuit of excellence. It is also able to meet customers’ needs to the point of exceeding their expectations improving the client-service provider relationship.



National Steel Car under Gregory J Aziz has also managed to consistently scoop the annual TTX SECO award for more than a decade now since 1996. The company is also big on giving back to the community as a way of contributing to development. From sponsoring Theatre Aquarius to the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, and the Salvation Army, the company knows how to go all the way out in this course. Provision of thousands of well-paying employment opportunities for the residents of Southern Ontario is by far the most significant action that the company has done to give back. Together with his wife Irene, he also sponsors Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.



Consistently citing the pillar of National Steel Car’s success to be the people, Greg Aziz is undoubtedly proud of the center of excellence that they have built by working together.

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The DeVos Astonishing Charity Projects

Dick and Betsy have earned a lot of attention for their generous contributions, which accumulates to $139 million. In 2015, the West Michigan couple donated $11.6 million. This couple is highly respected because it has played a significant role in Republican politics for a long time. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of the deceased Holland industrialist Edgar Prince. Her family has donated $5.2 billion to charity projects.


In 2015, Both Dick and Betsy contributed over three million dollars to education courses. They awarded $357,000 to groups that support education improvement. The donation demonstrates how the couple prioritizes education. Two years ago, Dick and Betsy education donations benefited Michigan schools. Schools that benefited include Compass College of Cinematic Arts, Ferris State University, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning, Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland, Potter’s House in Wyoming, West Michigan Aviation Academy, and Rehoboth Christian School.


DeVos has been working very hard to come up with a better system to help talented educators to be efficient and effective in reaching every child. The DeVos supports areas of high level of difficulty, accountability and adult support and supervision. DeVos launched West Michigan Aviation Academy on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. They were the patrons and donated the school’s first plane. The couple later turned the aviation school annual fundraiser into a gala where they invited the former president George W. Bush and Apollo astronauts.


West Michigan Aviation Academy graduated fifteen licensed pilots last year. The school focuses on aeronautical engineering and robotics. One-third of its students are economically disadvantaged. The students do well in their tests which result in the satisfaction of their families.


The couple also focuses in Arts and Culture. They donated over $2.4 million in 2015 at a charity event. Dick and Betsy launched DeVos Institute of Arts Management at the University of Maryland. They supported Michael Kaiser to strengthen his art organization. Michael started his side business when he was the president of the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. This was because they wanted a future with high-quality arts management.


Dick DeVos, the oldest son of Richard DeVos, is the co-founder of the Amway Corporations. The company is a networking company that distributes health, household and personal care products. DeVos ventured into new business, the Windquest Group. This company manufactured and marketed storage and closet controllers. He was later appointed by his father to be the manager of the National Basket Association Orlando Magic Basketball franchise. Dick DeVos is married to Elizabeth Prince. Dick and Elizabeth have four children namely; Rick, Elissa, Andrea, and Ryan. Betsy is the designated U.S Education Secretary.