Securus Technologies and Preventing Crimes in Prison

It might come as a surprise to some folks that crime inside the prison is on the rise. With all the technology at our fingertips, inmates are still able to get access to weapons and drugs, then put other inmates, visitors, and officers all at risk. As a corrections officer, my job is to try and reduce the incidents in the jail, and even with more manpower, things appeared to be getting out of hand.


When my superiors called me and my team in for a meeting to discuss the issue, we were informed that Securus Technologies was about to install their inmate call monitoring system throughout the jail. We were going to be trained on the LBS software immediately to see if we could get a hold of this problem fast. Our prison chose Securus Technologies because this Texas-based company of 1,000 employees are all committed to making this world a safer environment for all. The CEO, Rick Smith, has his system in over 2,600 prisons and we were about to be the next.


It wasn’t long after the entire call system was operational that my team took time off from cell searches and body searches of visitors to test drive the new monitoring system. That first week was really an eye-opening experience for us all. Once the inmate phone call monitoring system was activated, it caught specific chatter between inmates and their family talking about contraband.


One call revealed the location of a stash of drugs inmates were hiding. The next call exposed two inmates that were buying and using drugs in their cells. Our most productive call revealed a gang leader who was not only receiving drugs at the visitor center, but forcing lower-level gang members to sell those drugs to other inmates throughout our prison system.