Shiraz Boghani- An Award-Winning Hotel Industry Entrepreneur

Shiraz Boghani is a Founding Partner and Chairman of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He is a Managing Partner and Director of The Splendid Hotels Group. Since 1998, Boghani has been a joint partner at Sussex Health Care Limited, which was established in 1985. Under Boghani’s leadership, Sussex Health grew its network to 18 care homes with more than 500 beds. Shiraz has been a hotelier for over three decades.

He is the owner and manager of 20 trading hotels, including The Grand Hotel and Spa, York, and Holiday Inn London-Wembley. During the 1990’s, Shiraz was one of the founders of limited service brand hotels in London. Boghani has participated in more than 25 projects. He recently acquired the the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the New Ellington in Leeds. Shiraz established the Hilton London Bankside and Conrad London St. James hotels.

In 2016, Shiraz got the “Hotelier of the Year” award at the Asian Business Awards ceremony. He was dedicated to excellence in leadership. Amit Roy, Kalpesh R Solanki, Shailesh R Solanki, Rishi Sunak, and Jitesh Gadhia were the judges at the ceremony. The Asian and Media and Marketing Group (AMG) runs the ceremony’s awards. The famous guests at the ceremony were Sadiq Khan, Zac Goldsmith, Jannat Jalil, and Preeya Kalidas. According to Stuart Bailey, Shiraz took the company to the next level. Splendid became one of the fastest-growing hotel chains in the UK. Executives and managers at Splendid are highly experienced.

As an Ismaili Muslim, Shiraz is a strong supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation in the UK. Mr. Boghani has collaborated with the National Council, Arbitration Council, and Resource Development Convener at Aga Khan University. Aga Khan University is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network.

Shiraz Boghani is a Kenyan national. He immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. Boghani did began his training in accounting at a small Chartered Accounting company. Once he completed this training, he joined Thomson McLintock & Co (i.e. KPMG).Shiraz has great rapports with major European philanthropists. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

A Look at the Life of Bruno Jorge Fagali: A Scholar and Entrepreneur

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a Brazilian attorney knowledgeable in the fields of ethics, compliance, and administrative, regulatory, and civic law. Jorge Fagali is a former scholar of the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista and the Pontifical Catholic University, Sao Paulo. He has a master’s degree in law from Sao Paulo University, which he acquired recently. Jorge Fagali is currently majoring in compliance at Getulio Vargas Foundation while running his business in Sao Paulo.

Jorge Fagali’s work experience

Jorge Fagali is a renowned scholar. In 2016, he completed a course in Legal Ethics Compliance. He has worked for two major law firms in Brazil, and this has contributed to his immense knowledge of the law. Jorge Fagali initiated his career at Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano, & Renault Associate Lawyers where he as an intern. Upon completion of his internship, Jorge Fagali became a full-time lawyer at Radi, Calil, and Associados.

During his tenure at this firm, he also served as a corporate integrity manager to an advertising company in Brazil. In 2016, Jorge Fagali founded Fagali Advocacy where he serves as the president. This business is among the fastest growing law firms in Brazil. Fagali Advocacy provides services on matters pertaining to anti-corruption, election, compliance, and public law. Jorge Fagali is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics and an associate of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. Jorge Fagali is described by many as professional with immense knowledge on various legal issues.

How did Avaaz become the world’s largest online activist network?

If you have been involved in any kind of online activism, you will probably have heard of Avaaz. Currently the world’s largest and some say most powerful activist network, Avaaz has almost 45 million members and adds hundreds of thousands more every month.

How did Avaaz become this big and this powerful? By using tactics its founder, Ricken Patel, learned while working for the International Crisis Group in Africa and Afghanistan and by volunteering for

Setting up teams on six continentsAvaaz set up small core teams of employees on each continent. These teams overseas local, national and international campaigns, organize demonstrations and media campaigns, and get local people involved.
Rather than stay in the U.S. where it is based, Avaaz went out to the world and asked the world to help.

Campaigns in 17 languagesAvaaz runs its campaigns in 17 languages, including English. That means there is almost always a language someone who wants to get involved will understand.

They work on any issue — Where many activist networks are single-issue oriented, Avaaz works on any issue whether it is human rights, animal rights, climate change, poverty, the environment or conflict.

This means there is always something a prospective member would be interested in getting involved in.

Avaaz involves its members — Rather than just deciding which issues will be targeted, Avaaz asks its members which issues it thinks are important.

When a new issue is being considered, the organization polls 10,000 randomly chosen members and asks them if they think it should be looked at or ignored. What those 10,000 members say goes.

The issue is then kicked off to the rest of Avaaz’s 44 million members, who already know a large group of their own voted on this, so they know it must be important.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.