Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Solutions to Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a certified clinician and a professional dentist who had a vision about possibilities in medicine field being turned into reality through dentistry. His vision and focus being dentistry could be used for other clinical practices other than teeth procedures. His passion which became his primary mission was to help patients with sleep apnea. He interacted with a patient who was suffering from deprivation disorder and this strengthened will and desire to provide a lasting remedy.

He was dedicated and an achiever in anything he set out to do. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Psychology at Rutgers University. Dr. Avi also attended New York University to pursue a doctorate in dental surgery credential which he received. He acquired all necessary skills and certification after which he started his dental practice: Old Bridge Dental Care that won the best dentist awards in two consecutive years. Avi has spent more than two decades in medical practice.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started helping patients suffering from sleep disorder where he faced a lot of challenges, which resulted to being negated by other physicians performing sleep tests. His dream was to provide a comprehensive solution to his patients which required a new strategy to achieve his research more efficiently. He founded the Owner Unlimited Sleep where his medical plans started taking shape in 2012.

The platform was a common ground where experienced dentists and sleep experts could come for free and share their point of views and expertise on sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel also uses the platform to communicate with stakeholders through lectures and methods in sleep dentistry. He invested his approaches and plans by launching the Dental Sleep Master’s program.

The program was to tailor sleep appliances designed to relieve the patients. It was precisely meant to provide orally applied therapy to patients. Avi developed the program in a way that it could offer sleep disorders treatments. He sets the sky as his limit, and he is always keen on taking any opportunity to learn and improve himself and his clinical practices. He says oral application supports jaws if the patients are sleeping.