Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a Plastic Surgeon With a Heart

Plastic surgery is more than just a profession that helps people reach their ideal appearance or regain the appearance a person once had. This profession is about passion and dreams, which Dr. Sameer Jejurikar understands. The doctor works at the renown Dallas Plastic Institute, which is the go-to plastic surgery center in the state, not to mention the US as a whole. Part of what draws people to the doctor is his expertise and experience, but there is also something else that makes his consultations attractive: his heart.


Of course, people visit Dr. Jejurikar because he is board-certified. He is an extensively trained specialist whose exceptional work focuses on the face, eyes, body, breast, and reconstructive procedures. Still, it should be noted that several people visit him because he exudes warmth during his consultations.


Going through any cosmetic surgery is as much a physical transformation as it is an emotional roller-coaster. This is the reason having a cosmetic specialist who truly cares about his patients like Dr. Jejurikar is important. The patient will end up feeling like he or she was cradled during the entire procedure, which is important. Many of those who have worked with him know that he is an artist who not only helps patients reach their goals but also helps them surpass what they were hoping to achieve with the procedures he was hired to perform.


Dr. Jejurikar’s heart also shines every year in Bangladesh where he travels along with like-minded medical professionals. The travels are arranged by the Smile Bangladesh organization, which wants to bring health to impoverished children in this area. The kids love the organization and every time they come to help optimize their health. The doctor brings his dedication and meticulous approach to communities that truly need assistance. This trip and the many actions Dr. Jejurikar takes sums up what makes him such a prized asset to his community.