Glen Wakeman Highly Successful and Well-Known Financial Executive and Entrepreneur

Glen Wakeman is one of the most experienced and senior financial executives in the United States today with over 21 years of experience in the financial sector (LinkedIn). He has worked with GE for nearly two decades and has managed to get efficient results in the business development department that Glen was primarily a part of. In the field of management, Glen Wakeman believes that by focusing on the five core principles, which are human capital, risk management, governance, leadership, and execution, it is possible to achieve success and get an edge over the competition. After working for many years for GE, he moved on to become an entrepreneur and started his firm by the name of LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


LaunchPad Holdings helps the small businesses and start-ups to devise an effective plan or a roadmap for their future in an organized manner. The company offers automated software that makes it easier for the new and young small businesses to run efficiently and perform professionally. The company has clients spread across the country, and the users of company’s products are experiencing substantial growth. LaunchPad Holdings does not only provide automated software to the companies for business organizations but also provides tips and guidance on how to grow the business and to avoid the common mistakes that most of the entrepreneurs make. The ecosystem of the company is such that it helps in increased interaction between the capital providers and the entrepreneurs, which can be useful for business growth and raising capital.

Glen Wakeman has also served as the President and CEO which was a financial institution primarily engaged in commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional securities ( While working at GE, Glen Wakeman was recognized for his tremendous achievement as the Growth Leadership Role Model. Glen has done Bachelors in Science in Finance and Economics from the Scranton University, MBA from the Chicago University and is also Six Sigma Belt Certified. Over the years, Glen has lived and worked in six countries and has managed business operations in more than 30 countries. It is this experience and knowledge that makes him the perfect business role model, entrepreneur, and financial guru that he is today.