Louis Chenevert’s Lasting Legacy at UTC

Louis Chenevert, a Canadian businessman, spent 14 years of his career as the General Manager at General Motors’ St. Therese operation and later served as CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Chenevert, a French-Canadian citizen, holds a bachelor of commerce degree in production management from the University de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes etudes commerciales (HEC)

Chenevert’s Work History

Chenevert worked at General Motors for over a decade before joining Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary business unit of UTC. In 1999, Chenevert, having worked for six years at Pratt & Whitney, got elected as the president of the whole Pratt & Whitney division. Seven years later, Chenevert got elected as the CEO and president of UTC in April 2008.

Chenevert’s Achievements at UTC

In just a year, Chenevert managed to achieve more than what corporate executives achieve in their entire career. He was a successful leader of the conglomerate and worth $100 billion. Chenevert focused on acquiring Goodrich worth $18.4 billion.

Chenevert advocated for investing in advanced technology and people. His mission was to change UTC to a better place than he found it. Any person regardless of his/her position in a company needs to employ his mission. Chenevert insisted that a company that invests in the right technology will go far, and a company that invests in the right people will go even further.
Chenevert’s leadership at UTC focused on projects that meant to improve the company’s vision and encourage people to work to make those projects a success. Through the Employee Scholar Programme, employees were sponsored for further education that saw over 40, 000 UTC employees awarded degrees.

Chenevert is honored for assisting UTC’s Pratt & Whitney win a lobby to manufacture a “second alternate engine” for the US Air Force and become the only supplier of the F-35 engine.

Under the leadership of Louis Chenevert, UTC’s Sikorsky dominated the market as the for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

French-Canadian born Chenevert’s career at UTC saw tremendous growth in both advanced technology and qualified staff sponsored for higher education. Chenevert’s mission was to leave UTC a better place than he found it. He made significant achievements in acquiring companies and winning lobbies that saw his earnings increase steadily, and these positive effects are still apparent even three years following his resignation.