Most popular Israeli diplomat Daniel Taub

The tenure of Daniel Taub marked an era of cordial relationship between the United Kingdom and Israel. The department of trade was the biggest gainer in the strengthened ties between these two countries. The trade ties between the two countries doubled within a period of four years of his leadership. Daniel Taub also ensured that other sectors of interests between the two countries also improved. There was a cooperation in academia, cultural interactions, and business. There was an increase in the number of Jewish owned businesses in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub tenure was marked by huge improvements in these sectors. His accomplishments will stand for a long time after he is gone. Other diplomats after him will have an uphill task matching what he had accomplished just within four years of his leadership.



Daniel Taub is was appointed by his country Israel to serve as the ambassador to the United Kingdom in 2011. He served for four years and resigned in 2015. He left a trail of achievements as well as strengthened relations between the two countries. The relations are cordial and this laid a basis for the two countries to engage in matters of common interest in the Middle East region. The United Kingdom is a good ally of Israel when facing the conflicts that are experienced in the region.



Daniel Taub used his position as the head of the Israel delegation to the United Kingdom to speak on behalf of his country on various matters of significance. London is a media and a financial center in the entire globe. This means that United Kingdom presents a good opportunity for one to speak to the whole world regarding matters of worldwide concerns.



Daniel Taub used his position to appear on various shows in the British media. He expressed his opinions on various issues concerning the Middle East region. He urged the world to concentrate on helping the region deal with the positive things that were happening in the Middle East. For a long time, people have been concentrating on the negative news about the region. Daniel Taub insisted that it was a time that the world used the positive from the region to address the challenges faced in the region.



Daniel Taub has played an important role in bringing peace in the region. He has been a lead negotiator for peace in the region. He led a delegation that came up with the first peace agreement between Israel and Palestine.