NewsWatch TV Reviews Contour’s Ultimate Workstation

NewsWatch TV reviewed Contour Design’s ultimate workstation series. The product is intended to improve work performance. Contour recognizes that the experience of long hours in front of a computer screen can be improved. The ultimate workstation series is more than a better product. It completely rethinks the traditional keyboard and mouse design.


Few people take into account the impact that reaching away from the keyboard for mouse operations has on the human body. This is the underlying concept of Contour’s ultimate workstation series. Billions of people use computers with the conventional keyboard and mouse setup. Pain is commonly associated with long hours at these workstations. The market for a better setup is vast. However, most do not prioritize ergonomic solutions. Even less are aware of alternatives to the conventional mouse.


Contour’s ultimate workstation series includes a RollerMouse, a balance keyboard, wireless options, and adjustable typing angles. The RollerMouse eliminates the need to reach for a mouse. This leave the hands at approximately the same position while typing. The roller bar is the ideal companion for the RollerMouse. It is designed to aid concentration. Typing angle may be adjusted to increase comfort. Contour Design offers a few options in terms of wireless features and workstation setup.


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