Ronald Fowlkes: The Duty To Serve Freedom And Security

Ronald Fowlkes is the kind of man that many would describe as a man of action, and his law enforcement ethics have proven such traits. He has spent most of his life serving his country by fighting for freedom through times of war or fighting for the innocent during times of peace by providing security to them through law enforcement means. Ronald Fowlkes has his name behind the well-being of many families and communities.


Today, Ronald Fowlkes is the Eagle Industries Unlimited’s Law Enforcement department’s Business Development Manager of Law. The Eagle Industries Unlimited goes and produces products that are manufactured by the company and that are used in tactical law enforcement communities such as tactical assault vests, which are essential for the effectiveness of their fight, weapon transport gears, where security is crucial, holsters, operational nylon equipment, and personal gear carriers, as well as others.


Ronald Fowlkes’ job is to instruct more than 150 sales personnel of Eagle Industries Unlimited on the use of these products, and how to adapt to the production, development, and sale departments.


Before his role in the private sector, Ronald Fowlkes served to protect his country’s freedom in many capacities. In 1989, for four consecutive years, he joined the United States of America’s decorated Marine Corps, passed the popularly known hard Marine Corps School’s Marine Combat Training courageously and during his time in the Marine Corps, the man was rewarded by a promotion two times. Ronald Fowlkes won a big reputation during that time and quickly became a War veteran.


Ronald Fowlkes sought more military knowledge and enrolled in the Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company’s Basic Engineering Course, where he would learn more about the field. Ronald also became one of the army’s elite airborne through a school that trained soldiers to use the parachute.


After his first studying years, Ronald expanded his military airborne skills when he earned his Insignia in the Marine Corps, a Parachute Insignia. And always being a man of action and skills, he also learned to be a combat diver by attending a special school.


During the 1st ANGLICO, Ronald Fowlkes was assigned to several high missions where he had various roles in airborne operations like using many different types of radios, to perform air and naval gunfire missions. Ronald Fowlkes was also included in many reconnaissance missions.


Aside from many military roles, Ronald also has a lot of experience working in the law enforcement community. Ronald has performed jobs with the St. Louis County Police Department for three years and many more with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. With the skills and experience he acquired through years of military services, he has trained cops in the use of defensive tactics, tactical rifle and urban/swat tactical warfare.