The Oxford Club Educates and Makes Money

The Oxford Club is not a club that is exclusive to men and has exorbitant fees, it is actually an organization whose main mission is to make lot of money by making investments.

The Oxford Club is currently headed by a CEO named Julia Guth. She heads a team of people who have a deep knowledge of asset classes, stocks, equities, bonds, trading options and cryptocurrencies.

This club originally opened up with the name Passport Club in 1989 and soon changed its name two years later to the Oxford name. William Bonner, a billionaire who is the head of Agora Companies, and other rich people wanted to found an organization that would look into unique financial opportunities, They would find these opportunities by doing research and using their personal connections.

There are three membership levels at this organization called Premier Membership, Director’s Circle Membership and Chairman’s Circle Membership. The amount of privileges and benefits depend on what you level you decide to get.

The Oxford Club does not just making investments. It is also into edcuating people about the financial world as well. This educational part of the Oxford Club is called Investment U. What is part of the Investment U? Investment U has a newsletter called Investment U daily. You can also take courses, go to conferences, watch videos and look at other resources as part of this educational wing of the Oxford Club.

If you want to pay a little more, you can a newsletter called Investment U Plus. This newsletter is supposed to take deep look at the top story of the day. They have the financial experts who will be able to fully explain the topic of the day to you.

The Oxford Club is about educating people about money as well as making it.